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Taking care of newborn baby rabbits may seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly simple if the mother rabbit is doing her bit. Here are a few pointers to note that will ensure that the babies are properly taken care of. Many people wonder how to care for the litter of their pet rabbit. The newborns are tiny and seemingly helpless.


Baby bunnies can get loose cecals and/or diarrhea from a sterile gut, distress, poor food, not enough food, too much starch/sugar in the diet, or too much green roughage too early. If you are offering a small bit of fresh fruit, like a tiny bit of apple, then do not give baby food applesauce.


Always monitor small children with your bunny. Baby bunnies are very fragile and can be overstimulated! Make sure an adult is in charge of giving your bunny small amounts of treats. If your bunny becomes grumpy around 5-6 months of age, spaying/neutering can help. Rabbits can be litter trained! Ask us for help if needed.


3 Simple steps to care for Newborn rabbits. How I care for my kits.


This page is all about baby rabbits. If you are buying, or thinking of buying, a rabbit and want to find out how to care for, and what to feed a young rabbit, then please go to Buying a Rabbit The breeding season for most rabbits lasts 9 months with the average size of a litter usually between 4 to 12 babies (kits), but this does vary.


Bunnies need preventative medical care. Just like dogs, cats, and other pets, rabbits need regular medical attention. This means a trip to the vet just after you get your new bunny to ensure that he/she is healthy and that you are doing all the right things to keep him/her so, plus annual check-ups to ensure he/she remains healthy.


This includes blood, broken bones, and intense squirming. If the rabbit is injured, immediately call the local vet or humane society. Unless you are a professional, any attempts to care for the wounded rabbit are futile. The rabbit is uninjured. I know what you're thinking. This cute, helpless baby rabbit is spooked, confused, and "homeless".


It pretty much cant be done without the mother. Rabbits practice something called cecumtropy. This is when they ingest excrement directly from “the source” as opposed to finding a stranger’s pile and eating it (coprophagia). Rabbits pass 2 kinds o...


An orphaned or abandoned domesticated rabbit must receive regular feedings of a simulation of his mother's milk to give him a chance of surviving. You can make and feed an orphaned baby bunny a homemade milk formula that will provide him with the nutrients necessary for survival. Wash your hands ...


We specialize in care tips for paralyzed rabbits, rabbits with head tilt, rabbits with splay leg, rabbits with arthritis, blind rabbits, deaf rabbits, elderly rabbits and rabbits suffering from other conditions that affect their physical health and mobility. We hope, though, that this site will be helpful to many rabbit owners as they navigate ...