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"For relaxed hair, you should never wash your hair more than three times a week. But when you do, shampoo, condition, and use a three-in-one moisturizer." Corin Gainey, 15, Shalimar, FL


This new hair is your new growth and is the only hair that should be relaxed. So, have your hair relaxed on an as needed basis, no sooner than ten weeks. By then you should have about one inch of new growth which creates that visible line of difference. And remember a relaxer should be used to manage kinky hair.


Decades ago, it was commonplace to relax one’s hair at home, but as women began to rely on in-salon maintenance, fewer have experience in D.I.Y.-ing. Latest Updates: The Coronavirus Outbreak 3h ago


How often should I relax my hair. There are hundreds of videos on youtube that offer hair advice on just about any topic you can think about. From makeup, fashion, to hair care there are a lot of generous people who have taken their time to share their tips on how to care for your hair. They offer a range of tips on hair styles, and hair care ...


I relax now about twice a year and am thinking of taking the plunge and not relax at all but at about the six month mark it gets to be a bit too tangly, wavy and irksome. How often do you relax your hair and what type of relaxer do you use? I use Revlon WITH LYE. I hate that no lye crap. It does NOTHING to my hair.


Relaxed Hair . In case if you are a lady with beautiful relaxed hair, using a hair straightener is not ideal for you. Avoid using flat iron on a weekly basis to have the natural sleek of your relaxed hair on a permanent basis. A flat iron is ideal for frizzy to wavy hair. Thus, using it on relaxed hair on a regular basis would be a big mistake ...


I relax every 3 months. I had trouble stretching in December because it was so cold, So I relaxed 8 weeks apart, Jan 15. My hair was shedding and breaking like crazy all of Jan and Feb. But, I was determined to go back to stretching. I was able to have success with Keracare shampoo and conditioner.


A little background: I get my hair relaxed. I LIKE getting my hair relaxed. I believe that relaxed hair has the ability to be healthy, if properly taken care of. So about two years ago I started on a healthy hair journey. This included A LOT of things, but one of the most important things is to properly moisturize your hair.


If you find your hair appears mushy or limp and you are deep conditioning more than once a week, try reducing how often you deep condition to just once a week. On the other hand, if your hair is responding well to 2-3 deep conditioning treatments, then there is no need to make a change.


Hair porosity is a key player in effectively moisturizing our hair. If you are on either end of the spectrum (low or high porosity) then you know how daunting it can seem to keep your hair moisturized. This is due to the outer layer aka cuticle of the hair. The way the cuticle of your hair lays and opens is the determining factor of your porosity.