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Usually, people relax their hair at home or go to stylish. Most of the stylist recommended time for relaxing is eight weeks for touch-ups. If you continue to follow their advice then you can see the growth of your hair. When you get a relaxer to your new growth or virgin hair you can see the length varies between them from 1 to ½ inch.


By the end of this guide, you should have a much better idea of how often to relax your hair according to the right schedule. New Growth “I have so much new growth!” That is a term that many of us use when we are ready to have our hair relaxed again. In a way, this is a good way to guage whether or not it is time for a touch-up.


Fine hair tends to be flat, says Fekkai, which means that strands get oily much more quickly than other hair types. Most people with fine hair need to shampoo every day, but more importantly, you ...


HOW OFTEN SHOULD HAIR BE RELAXED . My hair 16 weeks after it was relaxed, at the Naturals in The City Event in Lagos New camera! Please bear with me whilst I learn how to adjust the camera light settings. When your hair has been relaxed, you should wait at least 8 weeks before your next relaxer.


My hair looks a lot healthier in a u-shape hemline. It doesn’t appear stringy, straggly or thin like when I was rocking a straight line hemline. SEE ALSO: How to Trim Relaxed Hair To Retain Length. How would you answer — How Often Should I Trim Relaxed Hair?


I relax now about twice a year and am thinking of taking the plunge and not relax at all but at about the six month mark it gets to be a bit too tangly, wavy and irksome. How often do you relax your hair and what type of relaxer do you use? I use Revlon WITH LYE. I hate that no lye crap. It does NOTHING to my hair.


1. Co-wash (condition wash) hair on Monday with a moisturizing conditioner, wet wrap with minimal oil or silicone serum to seal and air dry overnight for a straight style.. 2. Co wash with a moisturizing conditioner on Wednesday and air dry making sure to seal with oil or silicone serum. Pin curl the hair overnight for a curly do. 3. Never brush the hair when it is wet as this is when relaxed ...


This post will share 8 tips for maintaining relaxed hair while working out. Tips for Maintaining Relaxed Hair While Working Out Hair Off the Shoulders. Pulling your relaxed hair up and off your shoulders into a protective style is the best course of action to minimize friction. This can be accomplished with a high bun, low bun or even a ponytail.


With low porosity hair, it’s not easy for moisture to penetrate the hair. Find out what types of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are best suited for this hair type.


How often should you relax your hair with short hair? Im a black girl and my hair is cut short i relax my own hair and am wondering is every 3 weeks or so to often or should ii wait months to keep from breiakage thanks. Source(s): relax hair short hair: https://tr.im/6kQl0. 0 0. Anonymous.