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African American inventor and clothing manufacturer Garrett Augustus Morgan invented hair relaxer in 1877, according to Sisters With Beauty. He subsequently founded the Hair Refining Company to sell his product. The original relaxer was made with soap and alkaline chemicals, which are still used in


It is not possible to reverse a hair relaxer, which is a permanent hair product. The only way to get rid of the result of a hair relaxer is to grow out the hair. Cutting off the processed hair allows the new growth to come in with a natural look.


Motions Hair Relaxer is a relaxing hair care product that removes curls, leaving hair straight, smooth and silky. It includes conditioning ingredients so that hair isn't damaged during the relaxing process.


Relax your back by slowly and gently stretching in a comfortable position, but do not bounce. If you feel pain while performing any stretch, stop immediately.


You can use wash-and-wear relaxer by applying the hair relaxing product to your hair. The relaxer is left in for the specified amount of time, and then it is then washed off with warm water. A neutralizing shampoo is applied next. This is followed by conditioner. Your hair can then be wet set using


To straighten hair without a relaxer, preheat a flat iron, apply a heat protection product, clamp a section of hair between the plates of the flat iron, and repeatedly stroke the iron down the length of your hair. This 1-hour procedure requires hair clips, a heat protection product, a flat iron, a c


Both texturizers and relaxers are chemical treatments that break down the bonds of each strand of hair, causing subtle damage, making it unwise to use them too close together. It is for this reason that the instructions on both chemicals say to apply them only to new growth.


According to About.com, Coconut Cream Natural relaxer contains some natural ingredients that are not as harsh on hair as lye, which is used in conventional relaxers. No product that can straighten curly, textured hair permanently is completely herbal or natural. There are only relaxers that contain


While it is safe to apply texturizer to relaxed hair, it is not recommended. Texturizer can be used on new growth, but very careful application is required to avoid causing damage to the already-relaxed hair.


Examples of words that are related to relaxation include warmth, peace, enjoy, smile and light. Additional words that are considered relaxing are caress, breeze, water and breathe.