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For those looking to save as much money as possible, direct cremation costs between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on whether the family provides their own urn and cremation container. Funeral homes will often provide cremation packages that include a memorial service and viewing casket.


Though families get essentially the same product regardless of where the body is cremated, there is surprising variation in cremation costs. Analyzing our data, we found that while there are many locations at which direct cremation, the most basic cremation service, costs less $1,000, there are are also a large number of funeral homes which ...


A body isn’t always cremated upon arrival to the crematory. The reasons for this can vary. Some states have laws stating a certain amount of time must pass before a body can be cremated and a funeral home may charge for refrigeration (by the day).


Direct cremation is the most cost effective cremation. There is no viewing, the decedent is removed from the place of death, brought directly to crematory, and cremation is done. I found that using a reliable well reviewed funeral service online offered the most affordable price for the exact service that a traditional funeral home offered.


If the cost of cremation or a funeral is a concern, a no-cost option is available to you and your family: body donation to science through Science Care. Average cost of funeral service in the U.S. $7,360 and up


For example, they may charge a fee of approximately $50 for a body over 300 pounds, and a further $50 for each 100-pound excess. So how much more will an oversize cremation cost? An oversize cremation is likely to cost you at least $100 - $500 more than a standard cremation. The additional costs that you could incur are:


This choice can be a deciding factor in how your loved one’s body is prepared for cremation—and it can also contribute to the cremation cost. A viewing prior to cremation usually means that the body must be embalmed. When it comes to the cremation itself, some families choose a simple cremation, which is done in private without a witness.


The cremation is conducted and the cremated remains returned directly to the family. As the funeral director offers basic services to facilitate a direct cremation, this can be offered at a base price. Direct cremation ranges from $485 to $1,795, again depending on your locality.


How much ash is there after cremation? Depending on the size of the body and the specific process used by the crematory, there are usually 3 to 9 pounds of remains. Do bodies move during cremation? If a body is burned at a low enough temperature and quickly after death, movements are possible.


The Burning or Cremation in about 10 hours completely turns the Pancha bhoutika Body to five elements, where as burial willl take much longer period may be 6 to 10 months. Why Electric crematorium is not being accepted by orthodox Persons ( especially Brahmins) is that the Various Samskaaras are to be done to the Dead body to make it eligible ...