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The method to copy using a keyboard varies based on the computer's operating system. To copy using a keyboard on a Windows computer, highlight the text. Press the Control (Ctrl) and C keys simultaneously on your keyboard to copy the highlighted text. To paste the copied material, press Ctrl and V si


A computer keyboard allows an operator to give commands to the computer in a simple way by pressing keys. The keys on a keyboard are typically labeled with their input function, ranging from letters of the alphabet to numbers and symbols.


Websites such as TypingMaster are available to test a user's typing speed and to teach touch-typing skills. Other websites like Typing.com allow users to practice typing and play typing games.


To clean a computer keyboard, unplug the keyboard, shake out loose debris and wipe the keys with a slightly damp cloth. To clean sticky or soiled keys, use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.


The manual keyboard was invented in 1868 by Christopher Latham Sholes, the inventor of the manual typewriter. The electric computer keyboard was invented in 1948 for the Binac computer and resembled an electric typewriter.


Although the English inventor Henry Mill patented the first typewriter in 1714, the American publisher Christopher Latham Sholes invented the modern keyboard in 1868. The Remington Typewriter Company mass-produced Sholes' version of the typewriter and made it commercially successful.


Use a quick two-key shortcut on a keyboard to duplicate highlighted text or a picture within a document, or to move the content from one document to another. Highlight the content, then use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys to copy and paste.


A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard with a switch beneath each key. This is different from most keyboards, which have three membranes beneath each letter. Depressing the key pushes aside the middle membrane, which allows the top and bottom membranes to touch and send feedback to the computer.


To lock your computer keyboard, install keyboard locking software such as Keyboard Locker on your computer. When running, this software appears as an icon in the system tray of your computer.


Find keyboarding tests at TypingTest.com, FreeTypingGame.net and Key Hero Typing Test. These sites all offer free keyboarding tests that allow users to determine accuracy and typing speed.