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So, Dr. Albrecht believes there are ONLY these 5 types of fears! And that many of our fears are a combination of the types of fears identified above. For me, this list of the 5 types of fears seems to cover most of the fears I can think of, but...


The truth is that you are considerably more likely to die on the way to the airport than on the flight itself, but despite this fact there are still many more people with a fear of flying than there are people with a fear of driving or being in a car. Of course, the key difference is that people are either driving or near the driver in a car.


Many people dislike certain situations or objects, but to be a true phobia, the fear must interfere with daily life. Here are a few more of the most common ones:


There are two types of fear, deluded or unhealthy and non-deluded or healthy. These can also be divided into fear of the inevitable and fear of the evitable. The key to dealing with fear is to check which type of fear we have, and to transform our unhealthy fears of what we can do nothing about into healthy, appropriate fears of what we can do ...


There are many types of tear gas, and laughing gas (nitrous oxide), but no fear gas as such. There were experimental nerve agents that were tested years ago, some of which induced anxiety or fear ...


There are phobias I think for everything you can possibly imagine. Some people have phobias that are not even listed. Everything from chalk, any food, standing, sleeping, clocks, numbers, letters, lights, noises, men, women, body parts, ANY object can be a phobia, ANY animal can be a phobia, even Phobophobia- Fear of phobias!


The word phobia comes from the Greek: φόβος (phóbos), meaning "aversion", "fear" or "morbid fear".The regular system for naming specific phobias to use prefix based on a Greek word for the object of the fear, plus the suffix -phobia.However, there are many phobias irregularly named with Latin prefixes, such as apiphobia instead of melissaphobia (fear of bees) or aviph...


“Fear not!” is the most repeated command in the Bible. In fact, it’s been said that there are 365 “Fear nots” in the Bible — one “Fear not” for every day of the year! Lloyd Ogilvie in Facing the Future without Fear even said there are 366 “Fear no...


Click to download the free Fear Setting Template Page 1: Fear Setting. Make three lists, with 10–20 entries each. Below are the titles of each list and a free template to save or download.


1 John 4:18 ESV / 1,078 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.