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To replace an external power aquarium filter, first open the filter cover to access the carbon cartridge. Slide the cartridge out of the filter and dispose of it, and fit a new cartridge into place. An undergravel filter typically does not need replacement; for this type of filter, regularly clean t


To find discounts to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, go to the aquarium's official website and click on "Special Offers." Examples of discounts can include military discounts, parking discounts, half-price Fridays and special Maryland residents-only rates.


The Georgia Aquarium is located at 225 Baker Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia. It is in downtown Atlanta and is across from Centennial Olympic Park.


The Mystic Aquarium is an aquarium and oceanography institution located in Mystic, Connecticut. It is a nonprofit organization and it is part of the Sea Research Foundation, which includes the Ocean Exploration Center and JASON Learning.


More commonly known as a "sump," an aquarium overflow is a separate tank or water receptacle attached to a main aquarium. The separate tank holds all of the filtration and other support mechanisms for the tank, including a canister filter, heater, degasser, protein skimmer and UV sterilizer.


An aquaculture aquarium is an aquarium used to breed, grow and harvest marine or freshwater plants, fish and animals. Aquaculture can be done on a small or large scale.


Live aquarium wallpapers, virtual aquarium simulations and screensavers are related services that provide a customizable three-dimensional underwater scene. One such service provider, Sim Aquarium, advertises a variety of fish and backgrounds available and includes interactive functionality. These f


To care for aquarium catfish, hobbyists should provide them with adequate edible materials and line the bottom of the tank with soft substrates and hiding places. By treating sickly catfish and cleaning the aquarium, individuals prevent the spread of infections. Hobbyists should avoid stirring up th


Some of the attractions at the Tennessee Aquarium include the Appalachian Cove Forest, Discovery Hall, River Giants and the Tennessee River Gallery. While many of the attractions focus on river and local habitats, ocean life is explored in Stingray Bay, Tropical Cove and the aquarium's seahorse exhi


A leaking aquarium creates a mess in the display area. Reseal the joint with silicon sealant to repair the leak. The sealant then needs to cure for 24 hours before you refill the tank.