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Metabolic protein drinks are nutritious beverages packed with high quality proteins formulated to promote weight loss and to build muscle and strength. These healthy supplemental concoctions are usually prepared using commercially available protein powders, such as Biotest's Metabolic Drive. Garden


A metabolic disorder is when abnormal chemical reactions in the body disturb the metabolic process, states MedlinePlus. The metabolic process, or metabolism, is the process by which the body converts food into energy, states Healthline. The body breaks down nutrients in food using enzymes and then t


Metabolic wastes, also known as excretes, are substances produced by the metabolic activities of living organisms. These substances cannot be used by the organism and are therefore excreted. These excretes include carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, sulfates, phosphates and water.


Raising a person's metabolism levels involves eating enough, not skipping breakfast and drinking coffee or tea, as stated by Prevention. Other methods of boosting metabolism involve choosing more organic food and exercising.


Physical activity increases body temperature; increased body temperature raises metabolism. A person who is exercising burns more energy (or calories) than someone sitting at a desk.


The basic metabolic panel is a group of blood tests conducted to provide information about the body's metabolism. Results are used to evaluate kidney function, blood acid-base balance and blood sugar levels, notes MedlinePlus.


Haylie Pomroy, who developed the Fast Metabolism Diet, emphasizes that everyone will lose weight at a different rate while following the plan, but that over time the diet is equally effective for most. She notes that those whose progress stalls are likely to need their blood tested for underlying is


Body size, weight gain, age, gender and hormones can affect metabolism, according to WebMD. People can control some of these factors and increase metabolism. "Metabolism" refers to how quickly the body utilizes energy.


According to Georgia State University, metabolic processes produce heat by liberating the energy stored in food sources. Just as a fire produces heat by releasing some of the energy contained in the chemical bonds of the fuel, humans and other animals free the energy found in the chemical bonds of t


For people with fast metabolisms who want to gain weight, Healthline suggests lifting weights to increase muscle mass and increasing carbohydrate and fat consumption. For health reasons, keep a basic cardiovascular routine two to three times per week, but to gain weight, lower overall calorie expend