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Accountants in various fields, including auditors, forensic accountants, controllers and risk accountants, use statistics to accomplish their professional duties. Accountants who conduct audits use samples that are statistically representative of a data base because it is almost impossible to collec


Microscopes are currently used in a variety of disciplines, fields and contexts. For example, biologists use microscopes to study tiny organisms, such as bacteria and algae. Doctors and lab workers often use microscopes to investigate biological samples for parasites.


Pi is used today in practical applications that include astronomy, physics, engineering and architecture. The task of computing pi to billions or trillions of decimal points is often used as a speed test for supercomputers.


In cooking, math is used to add ingredients to recipes in the correct proportions and ratios. Recipes are designed to serve a certain number of people, so math is also used to figure out how much of an ingredient is needed to increase or decrease the amount of food a recipe yields. Math is also used


Potassium is a mineral used for the treatment and prevention of low potassium levels, according to WebMD. It is also used for treating high blood pressure and preventing stroke.


Sulfur is commonly used to produce sulfuric acid, which is used in the extraction of phosphate for fertilizer, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is also used in black gunpowder, as a fungicide and in vulcanizing black rubber.


Constellations are useful for navigation and for researchers to easily find specific stars in the night sky, according to Cornell University's Department of Astronomy. In addition to navigational uses, other historical uses of constellations involved ancient religions and agriculture.


According to a New York Times article written by Jack Bell, a goal-line technology was introduced into the sport of soccer beginning in 2013. The purpose of this technology is to avoid goals being inaccurately called for failing to cross the goal line.


Buying a used transmission can be risky. Since there is no way to know how the previous owner treated the transmission, there is no guarantee that a used transmission functions without issues.


Humans use coal in many ways, including as a fuel and as a source of carbon. As a solid fuel, coal burns to provide heat from stoves, furnaces and boilers as well as energy to supply electrical generating plants. Metal refiners use coke, a solid residue from low-sulfur bituminous coal, in purifying