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Modern banks use computers for storing financial information and processing transactions. Tellers and other employees also use them to log information. Customers often use computers for online banking.


In addition to making calls, modern telephones or cell phones are used for sending and receiving text messages, taking pictures, accessing the Internet, downloading applications, sending and receiving emails, recording audio and video, and playing songs. The telephone also plays a very important rol


The development of computing and the military have always been tightly knit. In fact, early development of computers was done in order to increase the military potential of most armies in the world. Today, computers are used for communications and weapons guidance in most armies.


Insurance codes are used by both medical providers and health insurance companies to classify medical conditions by diagnosis or procedure to provide consistent billing information, according to the Illinois Department of Human Services. Coding standards are meant to provide consistency, and they ar


Copper is used in industrial applications, architectural applications, biological applications and electrical applications. It is a ductile metal that has very high electrical and thermal conductivity. As a chemical element, copper is represented by the symbol Cu and the atomic number 29.


Some ways music is used in advertising include playing a song that a target group likes, which may increase their attention; building up tension through crescendo; and using music that contradicts the video to arouse curiosity. In advertising, music is often used by placing unusual, emotive or funny


Acids are widely used in the manufacture of various substances such as solvents, chemicals, foods, fertilizers, medicines and plastics. The concentration of an acid usually determines where it can be used.


To use a ruler, place it alongside or on top of the object or line that is to be measured and count the number of marks from edge to edge of the object. For those who are working with a metric ruler, the longer lines are denoted by a numerical value and represent centimeters, with ten smaller lines


In engineering, math is used to design and develop new components or products, maintain operating components, model real-life situations for testing and learning purposes, as well as build and maintain structures. Math is a core component of every engineering field and is also widely used in researc


Coal is used as fuel for power plants generating electricity, when heating structures and in the steel manufacturing process. Many important substances are also made from the by-products of burning coal, including those used in the chemical, paper, construction and pharmaceutical industries.