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Pro tip: If you share internet service with other low-income households or you live on tribal lands, Lifeline can be an even better option because you’ll get extra discounts. Additionally, some provider initiatives don’t offer high-speed internet service (25 Mbps or higher), which you can usually get with Lifeline assistance.


Satellite Internet - Compare Exede and HughesNet, the major satellite ISPs that can set you up with a fast connection to the Web, even in rural areas. Wireless Internet - Learn about the various 3G, 4G and 5G wireless technologies for accessing mobile data both inside and outside your home.


If you meet the eligibility standards and you live in an area served by AT&T, you can now get high-speed Internet service for a mere $5 per month. The plan is called Access from AT&T. And it may be the best low-cost Internet plan available, and…. [click to continue] Internet Essentials.


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For some, internet connection may even be imperative if you work full-time from the road or home school your kids. Figuring out how to get internet in your RV can feel overwhelming, but it really boils down to a few simple options. Ordered from least effort to the most effort, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways to stay connected on the road.


8 sources of low cost internet for seniors. 1. Comcast As part of the Comcast Internet Essentials pilot program, eligible seniors can get home internet service for $10/month, home wi-fi, a free computer, and internet training classes. The program is currently offered in about a dozen locations across the country. Find out more and apply online ...


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Once you've set up your computer, you may want to purchase home Internet access so you can send and receive email, browse the Web, stream videos, and more. You may even want to set up a home wireless network, commonly known as Wi-Fi, so you can connect multiple devices to the Internet at the same time.


Connecting to the Internet with a modem. Connecting to the Internet using dial-up (e.g., a 56k modem) is still viable despite the growing use of broadband Internet connections.However, a dial-up connection is much slower. If you plan on doing more than the occasional web surfing or reading and sending e-mail, consider broadband.. Using dial-up to connect to the Internet requires your computer ...


Prepaid Internet is also good for people with credit problems. Most monthly Internet service plans require a credit card for billing. Prepaid Internet cards, however, can be bought with cash [source: Phone+]. Finally, prepaid Internet can be a good way for parents to control their children's Internet usage [source: Phone+].If a kid is given one $10 card a month, then he can only use that many ...