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Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used to advertise for free on the Internet. In addition, a variety of free blogs, forums and communities are great for promoting businesses.


A fast Internet depends on a number of factors, including the type of connection. Broadband Internet can be made faster by ensuring that the mobile device has a good signal strength and moving the device if necessary.


It is possible to get Internet via power lines in certain areas. As of 2014, the technology was being tested in select U.S. and UK cities.


To find someone's birthday on the Internet, search social media and "people search" websites based on the individual's name and geographical location. People who are active on social media and other websites are typically easier to find than those who do not maintain a virtual presence.


The Internet can be described as a worldwide network of computers. While some of its servers have more authority than others, it is largely decentralized. The Internet itself is only the hardware and its connections. Protocols enable different access types.


You can test your Internet speed by going to a website that offers an online speed test such as SpeedOf.Me. Online speed tests download and upload files between your computer and a test server to determine the speed and quality of your Internet connection.


Laptops almost always come with a pre-installed wireless Internet card. To connect a laptop to a wireless access point, either set up a home router and connect to that or visit an establishment that offers public wireless Internet.


It is possible to get Internet access without a phone line by using a broadband service. Broadband service transmits digitally as bits of data.


Hardware needed to connect to the Internet includes a digital subscriber line modem or cable modem. A router is required to add a network that allows sharing of Internet access. Networks can be wired or wireless. To access the Internet with a dial-up connection, a dial-up modem is needed.


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