The general definition of housekeeping is cleaning, organizing and performing the general upkeep of a home. Housekeeping is usually either done by family members through chores or by a professional housekeeper who is hir... More »

Housekeepers provide cleaning services to private homeowners and commercial businesses as well as other types of establishments such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Housekeepers can be self employed, employed by a ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Housekeeping supervisors direct and manage the work of cleaning personnel in hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges, and other enterprises and organizations. They assign work duties, evaluate performance, and train new ... More »

A housekeeping checklist is a list used to track or aid in housekeeping activities or chores. The checklist is essential to ensuring effective housekeeping, as it helps cleaners make sure everything has been cleaned well... More »

Housekeeping carts are caster-mounted movable storage systems that are used to easily transport cleaning supplies and housekeeping tools. These carts may be used in industrial, commercial or residential environments and ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

The International Institute of Minnesota and Free2Learn offer free hotel housekeeping training. The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration also offers free training in housekeeping safety. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Standard hotel housekeeping equipment includes a duster, bristle broom and soft broom, dust pan, rugs, disinfectant, floor cleaning liquid, buckets, thread mops, cleaning cloths, liquid soap, bleaching powder, a nylon br... More »