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The House of the Scorpion (2002) is a science fiction young adult novel by Nancy Farmer. It is set in the future and mostly takes place in Opium, a country which separates Aztlán (formerly Mexico) and the United States. The main character Matteo, or Matt, Alacrán, is a young clone of a drug lord of the same name, usually called "El Patrón".


This is a teaser trailer I made for the book House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. We read this in my english class, so this is my project. Hope you enjoy.


House of the Scorpion Plot: What's the story?. In the future, a South American drug lord's son finds out that he is the product of genetic engineering and that his surrogate father's feelings toward him are more Machiavellian than paternal.


Think of it this way: a scorpion is venomous and deadly, and often thought to only be looking out for itself. The people who live in the Big House [aka the House of the Scorpion] are the same way.


Set in a future where Mexico has given over a stretch of land that separates them from the US to the drug dealers, a land now called Opium and ruled mostly by the House of the Scorpion, the house of El Patron. Matteo has led a sheltered life in the little house in the poppy fields with his caregiver Celia.


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English II PreAP group project over The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.


Alisha made this (fake) trailer based on Nacy Farmer's The House of the Scorpions for a highschool English competition.


This is a quick note to tell everyone that I have a movie option for The House of the Scorpion. This is how an option works: A company pays for the right to market the book to a film company. If they are successful, the film company takes over and raises money, picks a director, screen writer and actors.