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Some ways to hire house cleaners include using personal referrals from family and friends, utilizing a professional service such as Molly Maids, or hiring an individual house cleaner from a professional association such as Angie's List. Prices and services vary depending on type of service selected.


Customers who need a whole-house air cleaning solution to help trap allergens and increase indoor air quality can purchase dedicated systems from Sylvane, the Wholesale Warehouse and Allergy Buyers Club, as of 2014. These three providers offer either free or flat-rate shipping on many powerful whole


Some good glass cleaners include Weiman Professional No Drip Streak Free, Windex Original with Ammonia D and WalMart's Streak Free with Ammonia. Of the three Weiman Professional does the best job on very dirty glass. It also leaves a layer of wax on the glass, which helps to keep it clean until the


Klear Screen HD Screen Cleaner and E-cloth CleanSafe are effective screen cleaners, according to HDGuru.com. Both options include a liquid cleaner and a machine-washable cleaning cloth. The Klear Screen HD Screen Cleaner also includes a small chamois and four pre-moistened towelettes.


The best silver cleaner is Weiman Royal Sterling Silver Polish, according to Good Housekeeping. Other top-rated products include the Twinkle Silver Polish Kit and Connoisseurs Silver Wipes.


Homemade silver cleaner, also known as dip or polish, is used to clean the tarnish on silver that accumulates due to oxidation. Since a dip is liquid, it is more effective at removing tarnish than a polishing cloth and can reach more areas. Homemade silver cleaner is nontoxic. To make homemade silve


According to Tech Support Alert, the best PC cleaner is CCleaner. CCleaner is a free program whose features are competitive with more expensive commercial PC cleaners.


Some products that help to remove blood are vinegar, cola, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Cold saltwater, talcum powder, lubricant oil and cornstarch are also effective at cleaning blood stains.


Bissell and Hoover carpet cleaning products and machines are two examples of good carpet cleaners. Bissell and Hoover both have upright cleaners, hand, stick, and canister based carpet cleaners as well as cleaning solutions.


One of the best hard floor cleaners is Better Life Simply Floored!, according to Real Simple magazine. This nontoxic cleaning agent removes stains and other marks from hardwood, laminate, tile, marble and bamboo floors. It combines scents of mint and lime and requires no rinsing.