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Contractors who provide sunroom additions often have individual or company websites; examples include Reality Construction, Murtagh Construction, Great Day Improvements, Better Living and Champion. Visit the company websites and locate their sunroom sections, usually found by clicking on a Services


Main contractors, sometimes known as general contractors or construction managers, have overall responsibility for planning, coordinating and supervising the work of specialists, laborers and other personnel on a large-scale construction project. Main contractors may work on multiple projects at onc


Educational institutions that prepare students to take their contractor licensing exams are Central Piedmont Community College, CamTech School of Construction and Kaplan Contractor Education in Minnesota. These institutions provide either online or on-site classes, and some also link to registration


An independent contractor agreement is a written contract between the contractor and the consumer that specifies the compensation, scope of work, length of project, terms of confidentiality and dispute resolution process. It is also known as a consultant agreement, a general contractor agreement or


Training for a career as a private military or defense contractor involves a series of courses to develop physical fitness and endurance and gain familiarity of different combat styles, including armed and unarmed variants. It also includes tactical instruction to deal with different hostile situati


The requirements necessary to obtain a contractor license vary from state to state, and contractors must have a license for each state in which they plan to work. General requirements such as proof of citizenship are the same in each state, but examinations and personal reference requirements vary.


A contractor punch list is a list of final details and finish work that needs to be done before a renovation or remodeling project can be considered finished. Contractors should be sure to complete every item on a punch list if they expect to receive full payment for their work.


Masons use bricks, cinder blocks, concrete blocks, and natural or man-made stones to build walls, fences, walkways and other structures. Masons typically work outdoors under physically demanding conditions that require heavy lifting, standing, bending or kneeling for extended periods of time.


An epoxy contractor refers to an epoxy flooring installer, typically an individual but sometimes a business that installs epoxy coating. Because of its strength and durability after setting, epoxy is useful in coating garage floors to prevent surface damage and other surface impurities.


A contractor license look up is a way to verify if a contractor has a valid license to conduct business in a specific state. In some states, homeowners who check on a contractor's license can also learn if the contractor has had any complaints filed against him.