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A cup heater coil is a small electric appliance designed for heating water inside a cup or mug. Also called an immersion heater, the device consists of a heating coil that is inserted in the water and a small cord that plugs into a wall outlet.


After removing and draining the old water heater, hooking up new flex pipe segments, connecting to the gas supply (unless the heater is electric) and linking to the water supply complete replacement of a hot water heater. Because of the heavy lifting involved, it is wise to enlist an assistant.


Water heaters are heavy, and moving heavy objects without experience can lead to injuries. As of 2015, a majority of water heaters use gas power; an improper replacement can lead to gas poisoning or fires.


A hot water heater is important because without one you would not be able to use any hot water in the home without first manually heating it.


To replace a hot water heater's heating element, disconnect the heater, drain the water heater tank, unscrew the old element, and install a new element in the place of the old one. Refilling the heater tank and reconnecting the unit completes this process.


State hot water heaters are made by State Water Heaters, a brand of State Industries, Inc. Located in Ashland City, Tennessee, the company has been in business since 1946.


A water heater's typical life expectancy is eight to 12 years, and the device should be replaced if it leaks, if it fails to heat or if its performance is unpredictable. Problems such as broken thermostats and faulty heating elements can be fixed without replacing the unit.


Water heaters that need replacement include those over 10 years old and those that are leaking or failing to consistently heat water to an acceptable temperature. Small issues, such as a leaking pressure release valve, are repairable, but major water heater damage caused by rust and corrosion cannot


Install a new water heater by shutting off the power, removing the old tank, moving the new tank into place, connecting the plumbing and filling the tank. Once the tank is full, leak test and turn on the power.


Hot water heater element replacement parts can be purchased online through The Home Depot, Lowe's or ACE Hardware. As of February 2014, The Home Depot website carries over 30 replacement water heater element parts from many common brands, including Rheem, Camco and Eastman.