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Before delivery, don’t forget one very important step: Make sure you have the proper foundation on which to install it. Here are four hot tub foundation ideas that will ensure your hot tub is positioned correctly and looks great. CONCRETE A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long ...


Below are 63 hot tub design ideas and insights from professional designers and installers to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your hot tub. Whether you’re interested in a modern look , eco-friendly, a place for family and friends, a do-it-yourself project, or simply a beautiful place to retreat to for some relaxation, there’s ...


Access to the tub should be easy. The area around the tub should have low level showers so that you can wash your feet and prevent dirt from being tracked into the tub. Concrete Foundation. If the hot tub is to be positioned outside in a specially built enclosure, it could lie on a concrete foundation.


hot tub ideas & preparation advice for the concrete / solid base required for a hot tub. it does not have to plain concrete all the time ! ... Hot Tub Base & Foundation Designs. What others are saying A summer house is a way to have 12 months use of a hot tub without worry on the weather conditions and of course maintain privacy


Are you planning to build a deck with hot tub and looking for awesome deck with hot tub ideas to get started? Checkout this awesome deck with hot tub ideas. Putting a jacuzzi outdoors and discovering a great view will assist you unwind and develop an inner peace which is the most crucial for you. Above ground hot tub with wrap around stairs


Best Selling Hot Tub Installation Pad and Spa Foundation. No concrete, installs in any weather with no permits. Video, Pictures, Reviews. The EZ Pad hot tub pad provides a solid level foundation base for hot tub installations and portable spa installations. Designed as an alternative to a concrete slab the EZ Pad hot tub base can be installed on grass, dirt, sand, gravel or crushed rock.


Discover how to pick the perfect location for your hot tub foundation based on your plans for usage, foundation type, and service access. For more informatio...


pictures and short video on how to build a hot tub base; Materials: 2X4 pressure treated , process gravel, and stone dust. if it's going to fast you can pause it at any time.


Tips for Creating a Custom Hot Tub Pad. on September 5, 2013 in Backyard Maintenance Hot Tub Maintenance Showcase. A hot tub pad is essential as it will keep the tub off the ground preventing uneven sinkage and damage to the bottom of the spa. You need to keep in mind this hot tub base will need to accommodate the hot tub weight and electrical ...


An additional factor to keep in mind, a hot tub full of water will weigh approximately 2 tons, so it will require a foundation that is independent of the deck’s foundation. We have a collection of some fabulous hot tub design ideas below, with some tips and tricks to create your dream hot tub, have a look!