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To troubleshoot a Cal spa, read the message code on the control panel to diagnose the problem. If the breaker shuts off, use the control panel or bleeder valve to prime the pump. For water pressure problems, try and clean the filter and remove any debris that may be blo...


If the hot tub has operational problems, first look at the power cord for damage. Sometimes the power cord may become frayed, resulting in difficulty turning the hot tub on.


Auto MD, AutoZone and About.com, provide free troubleshooting guides for car problems. About.com has a list of car problems categorized into several groups, including basic, electrical troubleshooting and on board diagnostics evaluation. Once a person chooses a problem ...


Familyhandyman.com, ApplianceAssistant.com, RepairClinic.com and Acmehowto.com offer some common refrigerator problems and their possible solutions. GEAppliances.com provides video instructions on how to troubleshoot common refrigerator problems. You should first identi...


Hot tub problems often involve water that is cloudy or algae-ridden, or that has a musty or chlorine-like smell. Cleaning the filter often solves problems with cloudy water and may also help with water pressure issues. Shocking the spa with sanitizer removes most odor p...


Motorists can find car alarm troubleshooting guides on various sites, including Car Audio Help, Dr. Detail Shop and Safewise.com, as of 2015. These websites offer installation and technical information on how to manage car alarm systems.


As of 2015, a troubleshooting guide for Carrier air conditioners is available on the Carrier website. The owner's manuals for each model, which are available on the Carrier website, also contain troubleshooting guides.