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This guide can help you get started, so you and your family can enjoy relaxing, therapeutic soaks for decades to come. For issues that require expert troubleshooting, your Hot Spring dealer is always ready to step in. The best time to start thinking about spa maintenance and repair options is before you even purchase your hot tub.


The 2019 Highlife Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your hot tub’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience. Though no longer in production, Hot Spring Spa still services and provides manuals for ...


Hot Tub Water Care Troubleshooting Guide: For any issues with your spa water care, use this guide to find probable causes and solutions so you’ll be able to get back in your spa as soon as possible.


My Hot Spring Spa has blinking Green and Red lights. What do I do? This indicates low water flow, follow procedures for Blinking Red light. What should I do if I want like to empty my hot tub for the winter? If winterizing spa, follow detailed steps in Owner’s Manual or contact our store for assistance.


Local spa repair. You’ll find listings online for companies that work on all hot tub brands. The truth is that a hot tub is not generic or one-size-fits-all any more than a car is. Someone who knows how to work on a Chevy might not also know how to fix a Porsche. Fixing hot tub problems. Seeking help from the right trained professional is the ...


Hot Tub High Limit Switch Troubleshooting. Find out what you need to do to troubleshoot a misbehaving hot tub high limit switch so you can go back to soaking safely. How to Troubleshoot Hot Tub Jets. Learn how to troubleshoot hot tub jets and what some of the most common hot tub jet problems are and how you can fix them yourself.


Hot Spring spas Vista is a 6 person hot tub. The Vista spa features two deep bucket seats and one deep sitting lounge for best relaxation. You can find the Hot Springs Spas Vista replacement hot tub cover here.: This is the biggest hot tub that Hot Spring Spas makes the Grandee.


Steps i took to repair our older Hot Spring Spa. Enjoy.


Hot tub circulation pumps are low-flow pumps that constantly circulate in water as slowly as possible to provide your spa a continued filter, heat and chemically treated water. While these pumps are known to last 5-10 years, at some point your pump is going to see problems that need some instant attention— unless you enjoy non-chemically ...


For questions regarding: spa set-up, operation or maintenance, contact your local authorized Hot Spring dealer. For manufacturer questions call 800-999-4688 X 8432 or complete the form below and your request will be sent to our Customer Service Department. Please allow 2 business days for a response.