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The function of a hospital is to provide surgical and medical care to the sick or disabled, according to Dictionary.com. About.com also notes that the role of a hospital is to deliver babies when needed on behalf of families.


External pressures, health systems shortcomings and hospital sector deficiencies are driving a new vision for hospitals. In this vision, they have a key role to play to support other healthcare providers and for community outreach and home-based services and are essential in a well-functioning referral network. Learn more


Hospital staff roles. In Victoria, hospital staff roles vary by hospital. Becoming familiar with the types of hospital staff roles will help you understand who to turn to when you need help... Cultural and linguistic diversity and hospital. People from all backgrounds can benefit from language and cultural support in Victoria’s health system...


FUNCTIONS OF THE HOSPITAL. Hospital administration functions can be classified into three broad categories: 1. Medical - which involves the treatment and management of patients through the staff of physicians. 2. Patient Support - which relates directly to patient care and includes nursing, dietary diagnostic, therapy, pharmacy and laboratory ...


Every hospital has its own set of policies that govern employees, procedures and services offered to patients. A hospital administrator may be required to develop policies and procedures and ensure that they are followed, or he may implement policies created by a governing board or body.


What Does a Hospital Administrator Do? Hospital administrators oversee health care facilities. Keep reading to learn more about job duties, education requirements and licensure in this field. Schools offering Finance and Health Care degrees can also be found in these popular choices.


The roles and functions of hospital-based ethics committees. ... Eike-Henner Kluge says that ethics committees are useful tools, but only when they are appropriately constituted and function in a professional manner. Otherwise, he warns, they become either useless or a liability.


The following is a description of the various roles and functions of the hospitals administrator, and activities associated with them. Description of each function and role leads to a key element under that role. At the end of each such description, the key element is highlighted. 1. Working with People: The administrator has no direct […]


Many of the case management roles are the same no matter the setting, such as patient advocate, assessor, and educator. Other functions are specific to a particular setting or settings. Below is a list of setting where Case Managers practice, as well as the primary functions of Case Managers in that setting.


Specific duties in health care administration vary according to job title. Nursing home administrators, who require state licensing, ensure that nursing home residents receive proper care. Practice managers administer the practices of one or more doctors by handling their accounting, taxes, inventories and patient scheduling.