A hospital housekeeper performs duties that vary by hospital, but usually include disinfecting and washing bed linens and emptying trash, performing deep cleaning of hospital rooms, cleaning hospital rooms daily and clea... More »

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the duties of a maid or housekeeper as cleaning living and work spaces, washing and folding linens and clothes, restocking supplies, emptying trash baskets, and sweeping or vacuu... More »

The requirements for finding a job in hospital housekeeping include a high school diploma and basic mathematics. An aspiring hospital housekeeper should also be able to work according to instructions. In some cases, cert... More »

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Hospital housekeepers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining a clean and sterile environment. They provide support services to hospital departments and equipment and machinery maintenance in order to adhere t... More »

An administrative assistant performs office duties including secretarial responsibilities, filing, faxing, creating spreadsheets and organizing client information. Many administrative assistants support executives or oth... More »

A travel certified nursing associate performs numerous care duties for patients such as helping with personal hygiene, monitoring vital signs, administering medication and changing bandages or dressings. Helping patients... More »

A receptionist is a person who greets people, answers the telephone and performs other administrative duties for a company. Most customer-oriented businesses have a receptionist in the front office. More »