English-speaking countries usually call horse meat "horse meat" or "horse beef" or even just "horse." This may be due in part to the fact that horse meat is not popular for human consumption in Anglophone countries such ... More »

Horse meat is most common in France where it is called chevaline or cheval. According to the New York Times, chevaline is popular in many European and Asian countries because it can be substituted for beef at a cheaper c... More »

There is no horse meat in dog food manufactured in the United States. The practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption or for use in pet foods has been banned in the United States. More »

Shoe a horse by cleaning the hoof, clipping the hoof to the right size, filing it, and then nailing on the appropriate shoe. You need a hoof pick, measuring tape, nippers, a rasp, horseshoes and nails. More »

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Feed a senior horse high-energy, easily digestible foods, such as beet pulp and processed grains. Getting grain mixes with added fat or feeding the horse stabilized rice bran can also help an older horse to maintain its ... More »

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A spotted horse, defined as a kind of horse whose coat bears large patches or white or other colors, is called a pinto horse. Pinto is not a breed of horse but rather a type of coloring that some horses are bred to have. More »

To groom a horse, clean its coat, comb the mane and tail, clean the hooves, and wipe the horse with a towel. You need are a rubber curry comb, a dandy brush, a body brush, a comb, a towel and a hoof pick. More »

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