There is no horse meat in dog food manufactured in the United States. The practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption or for use in pet foods has been banned in the United States. More »

English-speaking countries usually call horse meat "horse meat" or "horse beef" or even just "horse." This may be due in part to the fact that horse meat is not popular for human consumption in Anglophone countries such ... More »

Horse meat is most common in France where it is called chevaline or cheval. According to the New York Times, chevaline is popular in many European and Asian countries because it can be substituted for beef at a cheaper c... More »

A 10-pound dog should be fed two small meals daily with approximately 1 cup of food each, using a dog food made primarily of animal protein, according to Hartz. Veterinarians frequently recommend combining wet and dry do... More »

Customers complain that Beneful dog food contains a significant amount of nutrient-poor ingredients such as corn, chicken by-product and gluten, instead of whole meat sources. Additional complaints surround Beneful's con... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Fromm uses real meat, fresh fruit and vegetables within its dog food. The company offers three categories of dog food: classic, gold and four-star. The four-star line includes oven-baked treats alongside gourmet meal opt... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Crude fat in dog food is an approximate amount of fat that is contained within the food before the food is digested. Because crude fat is not defined, the quality of the fat cannot be analyzed beyond the quantity it cont... More »