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HIBERNATION IN THE HORNED LIZARD, PHRYNOSOMA M'CALLI 113 There was a relation between the temperature P. m'calli experienced through the winter and the time they emerged from dormancy (Fig. 6). This suggests an endogenous control of the length of dormancy which exhibits a time-temperature relationship.


The Texas horned lizard or "horny toad" is a flat-bodied and fierce-looking lizard. The head has numerous horns, all of which are prominent, with two central head spines being much longer than any of the others. This lizard is brownish with two rows of fringed scales along each side of the body.


Horned Lizard Behavior. During the fall the Horned Lizard will bury itself in the sand. It blends in very well and so it is often able to hibernate there without being disturbed by humans or other living creatures.


They are the only species of horned toads that give birth to the young live. Other species of horned lizards lay eggs. In the Short-horned lizard the eggs are retained within the mother until live young are born about two months later (August to mid-September). Short-horned Lizards give birth to 7-10 babies.


The Texas horned lizard may also cover itself in loose sand. This species is typically seen on warm days of late spring or summer, particularly in the first few hours after dawn and the hours just before dusk; hibernation is from late summer to the following spring.


two horned lizard species—the Round-tailed Horned Lizard and the Greater Short-horned Lizard. But you can help! Through participation in Texas Horned Lizard Watch as a citizen scientist, you can collect data and observations about the presence or absence of horned lizards and habitat characteristics on your monitoring site.


Does a horned lizard hibernate? ... Almost anything larger and carnivorous that can find and catch a horned lizard will eat it, but the most common predators to the horned lizard in the wild are ...


Horned lizards are the most fearsome-looking and distinctive lizards around, by virtue of the pointed, protruding "horns" above their eyes. The numerous species of horned lizards, all members of the genus Phrynosoma , have very wide, flattened, toad-like bodies.


What You Can Do to Help or Hinder Horned Lizards by Lee Stone, HLCS President, Phrynosomatics, December 1993 I promised in my last article to address the issue of what each of us can do to DIRECTLY BENEFIT the horned lizard species in our areas.