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The balance beam is a horizontal raised beam with a width of 3.9 inches, a length of 16 feet, that is raised above the floor to a height of 4.07 feet, which is used for balancing routines during gymnastic competitions. These routines typically include tumbling and dance...


The online store listings of Hornady products does not include parts for Hornady reloaders. However, anyone looking for Hornady reloader parts can call the company's toll free number at 800-338-3220, as of March 2015, to order or inquire if a reloader part is available.


As of March 2015, Hornady offers reloading tables and related data in the ninth edition of the "Hornady Reloading Handbook," which is for sale in print and eBook format on the company's website. Cartridge reloading data made available after the revision of the handbook ...


Hornady Manufacturing provides a bullet ballistics chart on its website, accessible from its Ballistics Resources menu, as of 2015. The document is downloadable as a PDF file in either standard or metric versions. The company also offers an on-line ballistics calculator...


Make a balance beam for kids by attaching 2x4s together and adding blocks of wood at the ends. Get creative with the balance beam cover by using outdoor canvas fabric in your choice of colors.


A balance scale is used for weighing substances in a chemistry laboratory. One example of a balance scale, the analytical balance scale, can measure substances with a precision of one-tenth of a milligram or one-ten-thousandth of a gram. Analytical balances can detect t...


A triple beam balance is used to measure the mass of objects. The machine is very precise and has a reading error of +/- 0.05 grams.