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Horizontal Lifeline Premade Cables The 30-degree angle fixed length, factory engineered Horizontal Lifeline System is for use by 3 workers in fall restraint or 2 in fall arrest. The 5-degree angle fixed length cable lifeline with energy absorber is also for use for up to 3 workers. There


Components and Specifications 3-4 Maintenance, Cleaning, and Storage 5 Inspection 5 Installation and Use 4 Inspection Log 5 Labels 7. Introduction ... Kernmantle Horizontal Lifeline w/ (1) Tensioner, (2) O-rings, (2) 6’ Premium Cross Arm Straps, (2) Carabiners, & (1) Ultra Sack Connector closed and locked to D-ring. OK.


Engineered to Your Specifications. Based on a variety of factors including work task and number of users; our engineers analyze fall distances, supporting structure, length of spans and loads to determine the horizontal lifeline performance requirements.


HORIZON™ Horizontal Lifeline Subsystem Component Specifications Below Beam Multiple Span Horizontal Lifeline SPECIFICATIONS Lifeline Length: 20 to 280 feet in spans up to 40 feet Unsupported Span: 40 feet maximum Cable: 3/8" 7x19 Galvanized wire rope - minimum breaking strength rated at 14,400 lbf


Horizontal Lifeline System limits the weight of each user to 310 lbs. Consult your doctor if there is reason to doubt your fitness to safely absorb the shock from a fall arrest. Age and fitness seriously affect a worker’s ability to withstand falls. Pregnant women or minors must not use this equipment.


- Horizontal lifelines are to be used as part of a complete fall arrest system that maintains a safety factor of at least two. A qualified person is defined as an individual with a recognized degree or professional certificate, and extensive knowledge and experience in the subject field, who is capable of


Calculating horizontal lifeline performance. All of the above mentioned variables do not only affect the performance of the horizontal lifeline system, they also affect one another. They height of an anchor post for instance, will influence the loads that are applied on the extremity anchors in the event of a fall.


Horizontal Lifeline System Components -Types of Systems Road & Bridge systems use components that were developed to meet the standard requirements of road and bridge work environments, and have been thoroughly field tested on actual jobsites. Reliance Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Road and


Our horizontal lifeline is a special innovative absorbing integrated system that is non-deformable and resettable after a fall. This bracket is installed at a span varying depending to the support requirements. Each bracket is a certified anchor point (EN795) for rescue purposes.


Bid Specs; Photo and Video Gallery; ... Depending on the angle of sag, and the line’s elasticity, the strength of the horizontal lifeline and the anchorages to which it is attached should be increased a number of times over that of the lanyard. Extreme care should be taken in considering a horizontal lifeline for multiple tie-offs. The reason ...