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MSA's Latchways Engineered Horizontal Lifeline Systems provide the total solution for all horizontal safety at height roofing and industrial applications. The system’s versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-today activities such as maintenance, cleaning, access and inspection.


Horizontal and vertical lifelines meet OSHA guidelines to protect workers from falls and allow them to move freely while connected to a personal fall protection system. Lifelines connect between two anchor points to provide free movement along the lifeline while providing support in the event of a fall.


The SafeRack cable lifeline fall protection system is a lightweight, shock-absorbing horizontal fall protection system designed for use in railcar and truck tank container loading and unloading applications. The SafeRack cable system can adapt to any working environment to provide operators with OSHA-compliant fall protection that won’t ...


Introducing a New Dimension in Horizontal Lifeline Fall Arrest Technology! The SkyGrip was designed for easy installation on steel or concrete applications. A variety of innovative features have been engineered into these new systems, making them extremely user friendly with enhanced safety considerations.


Horizontal Lifeline Systems Rooftop or overhead horizontal lifeline systems that allow easy movement and protection in fall hazard areas. Stainless steel components with lifetime guarantees are the foundation for horizontal lifelines. Each component is CSA certified.


With a commitment to custom-designed fall protection solutions that meet your specific needs, Tritech Fall Protection Systems offers both types of horizontal lifeline systems.. Horizontal Lifeline Systems: Which is Better? Contrary to the notion that one is better than the other, both Cable and Rigid Rail horizontal lifeline systems offer dependable safety at height.


The SafeLink 4-person horizontal lifeline system addresses the difficulties of working on leading edge surfaces and other applications where large span, horizontal work, and low clearance fall hazards exist. The system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of the jobsite.


The KeeLine® horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times. ... Smart Personal Fall Protection. The KeeLine® horizontal life line system is a flexible, cost effective option for working at height.


Also known as horizontal lifelines, these provide fall protection when overhead anchors aren't available. Attach to an anchor point on both sides using the snap hooks, or use the included tie-off adapters for wraparound anchoring. You supply a lanyard and a harness. When used properly, anchor spans meet applicable OSHA requirements.


There are also many temporary or portable fall protection solutions that we can provide, including weighted tie backs for arrest and restraint horizontal lifelines and other products like the AES raptor. We will provide the best solution to suit your roof fall protection system needs! We are dedicated to helping you solve your safety wants and ...