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FLS Horizontal Lifeline Systems are versatile, economical solutions that equip rooftop workers with continuous, active fall protection. A single horizontal lifeline allows up to three workers to perform their tasks with complete fall protection. Because workers are continually attached to the safety line, Horizontal Lifelines make it possible ...


CAI Safety specializes in OSHA-compliant Roof Horizontal Lifeline Systems.This fall protection system can be used for continuous fall restraint or fall arrest coverage around roof leading edges and openings.. A feature of our roof horizontal lifeline system includes a 100% pass-through which allows the user to walk uninterrupted over the entire span of a lifeline.


All fall protection products fit into four functional categories. 1) Fall Arrest: A fall arrest system is required if any risk exists that a worker may fall from an elevated position, as a general rule, the fall arrest system should be used anytime a working height of six feet or more is reached. Working height is the distance from the walking/working surface to a grade or lower level.


The 60 feet of web lifeline included in this horizontal lifeline system is compact and portable. Couple the lifeline with the carrying bag and you've got yourself a storage solution to protect your lifeline from dirt, UV degradation, and moisture. In other words, this thing will last a while.


Horizontal Lifeline Systems can be used as a travel restraint or a fall arrest system. Either system can be engineered for single or multiple workers. Energy absorbing components are integral and critical elements of a horizontal life line system. They ensure that the loads created during a fall arrest event are manageable and not catastrophic.


All FallTech Horizontal Lifelines – whether steel cable or synthetic rope – provide adjustable length and portability. Ideal for temporary use when working in the absence of fixed anchorage points. Our broad range of SteelGrip® cable systems and components are durably built and adapt well to varying construction sites and clearances


HORIZONTAL LIFELINE FALL PROTECTION SYSTEMS CANADA: 1.800.387.7217 U.S.: 1.800.576.1200 WEB: www.thalermetal.com EMAIL: info@thalermetal.com Please be advised Thaler products may undergo improvements from time to time and are subject to change without notice. Thaler Or Equal EASY SLIDERTM Horizontal Lifeline PRIMER


Our SpiderLine™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (THLL) takes the worry out of fall protection for ironworkers. With superior features at an affordable cost, SpiderLine™ is the safe, reliable and trusted horizontal lifeline when working at elevation.


There are also many temporary or portable fall protection solutions that we can provide, including weighted tie backs for arrest and restraint horizontal lifelines and other products like the AES raptor. We will provide the best solution to suit your roof fall protection system needs! We are dedicated to helping you solve your safety wants and ...


Horizontal Lifeline: This hybrid system uses one line (firmly anchored at both ends) as the anchorage for another. This allows the worker greater lateral movement than a fixed anchor point. The components are the same as other personal fall protection systems. A deceleration device or rip-stitch lanyard can be included.