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The horizontal lifeline is 316 stainless cable as well as most of the components to provide a long lifespan in outdoor environments. OSHA & ANSI COMPLIANT A qualified person will design the roof horizontal lifeline system that complies with the regulations and allows you to be productive.


Horizontal lifeline systems are composed of anchor points and a cable system which are designed and engineered to provide fall prevention or fall arrest to the user. As an alternative to single anchor points, horizontal lifelines allow mobility along a fall hazard while minimizing the need for the system user to detach and re-attach to various ...


The Uni 8™ evolution™ system comprises of an 8mm stainless steel cable permanently installed horizontal lifeline. It is suitable for any application where a user needs to move in a continuous line, straight and round corners, provided suitable anchorage points are available to connect to either ends of the line.


Page 1 End Termination APPLICATION PURPOSE: The Sayfline Multi-span Wire Rope Horizontal Lifeline System is designed for use as an anchoring means for one or two personal fall arrest system (PFAS) or fall restraint system. Use the Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) where horizontal mobility and fall protection is required. The Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline may not be used for fall protection of ...


Horizontal Lifelines. HLL systems are composed of two endpoint anchors connected by a varying length of rope or cable to which workers attach a fixed-length or self-retracting lanyard, allowing a high degree of mobility across the jobsite.


Horizontal Lifelines Meets OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.140 Requirements This manual is intended to meet the Manufacturer’s Instructions as required by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z359 and should be used as part of an employee training program as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). 2046


Horizontal Lifeline Systems can be used as a travel restraint or a fall arrest system. Either system can be engineered for single or multiple workers. Energy absorbing components are integral and critical elements of a horizontal life line system. They ensure that the loads created during a fall arrest event are manageable and not catastrophic.


When a synthetic cable is to be used; When a shock absorber is used for the horizontal lifeline; Before launching the tool, users should refer to the section Scope and Limitations. It is also recommended that they read the Terms and conditions of the IRSST website, as well as the research report associated with the development of this Web based ...


With a horizontal lifeline system, a user wears a harness that is connected to permanent steel cable track that runs through multiple anchor points fixed in the roof. Our horizontal lifelines were developed and tested according to the highest international safety standards.


Akrobat Horizontal Lifeline is a continuous system that allows the worker to run over the full length of the lifeline without unhooking. We propose the only lifeline in the market whose intermediary brackets have a system of integrated absorbers, re-settable after a fall.