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A Hoover flag referred to an empty pocket being turned inside out so that it was visible. It represented the desperate economic conditions that were prevalent during President Herbert Hoover's administration.


A "Hoover flag" was an empty pocket turned inside out and "Hoover leather" was cardboard used to line a shoe when the sole wore through. A "Hoover wagon" was an automobile with horses hitched to it, often with the engine removed. After 1940 the economy recovered, unemployment fell, and shanty eradication programs destroyed all the Hoovervilles.

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Hoover was the son of Jesse Clark Hoover, a blacksmith and salesman, and Huldah Minthorn, a Quaker minister. He had one brother and one sister. On February 10, 1899, Herbert Hoover married Lou Henry. She was his fellow student studying Geology at Stanford University. Together they had two children: Herbert Hoover Jr. and Allan Hoover.


Hoover definition, to clean with a vacuum cleaner. See more.


Best Answer: An empty pocket turned inside out, the term was used during the Great Depression and signified "no money." People blamed Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression. They also called newspapers they used to cover up while sleeping "Hoover blankets."


Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. His father, Jesse Hoover, was a blacksmith and farm implement store owner of German, Swiss, and English ancestry. Hoover's mother, Hulda Randall Minthorn, was raised in Norwich, Ontario, Canada, before moving to Iowa in 1859.Like most other citizens of West Branch, Jesse and Hulda were Quakers.


Being manipulated back into a relationship against your will with threats of suicide or self-harm, threats of harm to others or property, or threats of false criminal accusations.A "hoover" is relationship blackmail. This slang term is often associated with individuals suffering from personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


many families lost their homes because they could not pay their mortgages. These people had no choice but to seek alternative forms of shelter. Hoovervilles, named after President Hoover, who was blamed for the problems that led to the depression, sprung up throughout the United States.


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