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To watch Hong Kong dramas online, go to the Kaze Vid website and select HK Drama from the top bar menu. Browse through the available titles and select one. At the next page, choose an episode from the list to watch the streaming episode online.


Hong Kong does not have any zip or postal codes. According to postal workers in the city, the city is so small that it is easy to deliver the mail without sorting it based on postal codes.


"The Bund," "War and Beauty," "Healing Hands and "A Kindred Spirit" are some examples of popular TV soap operas from Hong Kong. These are shows produced by Television Broadcasts Limited, one of Hong Kong's free TV networks.


Movie reviews and information about various Hong Kong films are some features included in the Hong Kong Movie Database. The website allows users to search the database by a movie title or using a person’s name involved with a film. When searching by name, the website shows a list of films the person


As of January 2016, investors can contact the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in person, by phone or by email, notes the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website. The exact method of contact depends on the type of inquiry and the department concerned. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange strongly suggests that investors f


DramaFever and Hulu allow users to watch Hong Kong dramas online. Both websites allow viewers to watch the drama shows for free with some video advertisements. The option of limited or no advertisements is available with a subscription membership. Both services also allow video streaming on mobile d


The most commonly quoted measure of Hong Kong's stock market performance is the performance of the Hang Seng index, explains Investopedia. The index indicates the performance of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by covering 40 of the largest companies traded on the exchange. Investors interested in the p


As of July 2015, "Ghost of Relativity" is so far the year's highest-rated Hong Kong serial drama according to Television Broadcasts Limited, or TVB. It has an average overall count of 26.5 million Hong Kong viewers.


Hotels near the Hong Kong airport include Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Novotel Citygate Hong Kong and Tai O Heritage Hotel. Hong Kong International Airport, or HKG, is located on Lantau Island. Visitors wishing to stay near the airport are advised to search for hotels on th


The Hong Kong International Airport website, HongKongAirport.com, offers real-time flight information for the Hong Kong International Airport. Alternatively, global flight-tracking sites FlightAware.com and FlightStats.com provide live flight information for the airport.