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A honey bee package is a complete set of bees sold to beekeepers so that they can start a new hive. They are usually sold by weight. Packages include a queen and workers, but no drones.


Some online sources where it is possible to buy honey bee packages are at Mann Lake Ltd., Kelley Bees and Rossman Apiaries Inc. Lake Mann Ltd. is situated in Woodland, California, and this company provides honey bee packages, queen bees and many other beekeeping supplies that may be ordered online.


A honey bee trap that is intended to capture a swarm should be placed in an area with ample nectar and water. A trap that is designed to relocate a nest of honey bees can be placed near the nest.


Some ideas for honey bee crafts are making a honey bee from a footprint and making a beehive and bees using cereal and fingerprints. Another idea is to create a honey bee from a clay pot.


The most ideal habitat for a honeybee is one that is close to a rich source of nectar. Honey bees develop pollen from the nectar of flowers and search for areas close in these building blocks when establishing nests.


To raise honey bees successfully, build a safe and functional hive for the bees to live in, acquire enough bees for the colony to thrive, and perform regular maintenance to keep the hive healthy. Harvesting of honey is usually done in September, but the hive requires some attention throughout the ye


To get rid of bees, determine whether the hive can be relocated or if it must be treated with pesticides. Treating hives with pesticides requires cleaning the area thoroughly after the bees are eliminated. Removing a hive can take several hours to several weeks.


Good plants for attracting honeybees include common yarrow, pale purple coneflowers, sunflowers and goldenrods. Honeybees love the miniature daisy flowers that the common yarrow produces. Bees enjoy the pale purple coneflower blooms, and finches like the seeds these plants produce. Varieties of sunf


To remove an unsettled swarm of honey bees, call a beekeeper. The beekeeper brushes or shakes the bees into a cardboard box and removes them from the property. If a cluster of bees appears to move into a building, seal off the area surrounding the bees for two or more days, and remove any remaining


Italian honeybees are a common species that bee keepers keep around to produce honey. They are believed to hail from Italy and northern Sicily. Italian bees are gentle in nature and are not prone to swarming.