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Defender.com, BoatCountry.com and EdsMarineSuperStore.com have price lists for current model year Honda outboard motors, as of April 2015. Prices can vary based on current available vendor sales promotions and discount specials, as well as from factory rebates offered by Honda.


Outboard motor manufacturers recommend professional end-of-season servicing before the motor is stored for winter. Four-stroke outboard motors can be damaged if they are not serviced properly before storage, and failure to do so may also void any warranties.


Honda Marine provides information about the year an outboard motor was built through the serial numbers of motors manufactured between 1997 and 2006. To determine if your model was made during or after those years, you can match two letters embedded into the serial number with a corresponding year o


Retailers that sell replacement parts for Honda outboard motors include Monterey Bay Marine and Marina Boats and Powersports in California, and Top Notch Marine and Sea Sea Marine in Florida. Participating retailers in Texas include FCJ Marine and Heritage Marine and Outdoors. Decks and Docks and Ro


The 1:100 ratio of fuel mix is a ratio of one part TCW-3 outboard engine oil to every 100 parts of fuel. This ensures that the crankcase bearings, piston rings and all other moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated for maximum longevity and performance.


The average price for a new Mercury outboard motor is between $800 and $4,000, as of 2016. Mercury Verado outboard racing motors cost between $20,000 and $30,000.


Force Outboard Motors were initially manufactured by Chrysler Marine until 1984, when Chrysler's outboard division was sold to U.S. Marine, which would later become part of Mercury Marine. Prior to being acquired by U.S. Marine, Force Outboard motors were marketed under the brand Chrysler Outboard.


Small, cheap outboard motors include the Zeny 3.5-horsepower motor and the Hangkai 3.5-horsepower motor. They retail for around $370 and $365, respectively. Yamaha's pricier 2.5 Portable F2.5 motor also offers decent horsepower in a small package.


Mercury offers more than a dozen outboard motors that range from 2.5 to 350 horsepower, as of 2015. These outboard motors are available for all types of vessels, from small aluminum boats and canoes to houseboats and racing boats.


An outboard engine bracket is a piece of boating equipment used to mount an outboard motor to a boat. They typically allow outboard motors to be positioned further away from the hull and lower in the water than they otherwise would be.