The Homestead Act was designed to lure people to the West, and offered people 160 acres of land if they moved to that area while following a few stipulations. Those stipulations included living on the land for 5 continuo... More » History Modern History

The Florida homestead exemption under the state constitution gives qualified homeowners $25,000 deductions from their properties' assessed values, according to the property appraiser of Charlotte County, Florida. A homeo... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The Pennsylvania Homestead Act refers to the homestead exclusion in the 2006 Taxpayer Relief Act, as stated by Zacks. This special measure provides a way to lower property taxes of eligible property owners. More » Government & Politics Law

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The Kentucky Homestead Act is a legal provision that provides a tax exemption on a home’s assessed value. Under the Act, a primary residence whose value does not exceed $36,900, as of 2015, is eligible for exemption. Thi... More » History Modern History

Armenian people come from northeastern Turkey and what is now the Republic of Armenia, a mountainous area in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. The republic lies between southwest Asia and eastern Europe and is border... More »

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