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7 Towns Where Land is Free. More From Real Estate ... In fact, the town of Beatrice, Nebraska has even enacted a Homestead Act of 2010. As with the homesteaders of the 1800s, ...


The Scope of the Colorado Homestead Exemption. In Colorado, the homestead exemption applies to real property, such as your home or condominium. It will also protect a mobile home, manufactured home, or house trailer. You must occupy the property in order to take advantage of the homestead exemption.


Chart providing details of Colorado Homestead Laws. The concept of "homestead" in the context of real estate and financial matters has changed drastically since the passage of the Homestead Act of 1862, which encouraged citizens to claim "free" government land (much of which was already occupied by Native Americans).


An amendment to the Homestead Act of 1862, the Enlarged Homestead Act, was passed in 1909 and doubled the allotted acreage from 160 to 320 acres (65 to 129 ha). Another amended act, the national Stock-Raising Homestead Act, was passed in 1916 and again increased the land involved, this time to 640 acres (260 ha).


In connection with this historic piece of legislation, the City of Beatrice is proud to announce the Homestead Act of 2010. Like the original Homestead Act, the Homestead Act of 2010 offers applicants the opportunity to acquire a parcel of real estate if they build a residence on the land and it is their primary residence for five years.


Colorado's history with homestead law began before the the territory became a state. Even in modern times, homestead law remains a protection for homeowners in the form of a homestead exemption, which protects owners from debt holders being able to claim liens against a home, including bankruptcy, in certain situations. Such exemptions apply to the equity the homeowner has in the home.


SENIOR PROPERTY TAX HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION ... Colorado statute, § 39-3-202(2)(a), C.R.S., provides an exception to the ownership requirement for individuals who have transferred ownership of their residence to a trust, corporate partnership or other legal entity solely for estate


The act was amended in 1913 so that only three years of residence were required, rather than the five years required under the Homestead Act. The Enlarged Homestead Act of February 19, 1909, was enacted to facilitate dry-land farming in all western states except California.


The Colorado Homestead Law: Prevents a forced sale of a home to meet demands of creditors. Provides a surviving spouse with shelter. Provides an exemption from property taxes. Applies to one primary residence. PROTECTION FROM CREDITORS. The Colorado Homestead Exemption allows one to exempt up to $75,000 of their real property value when filing ...


The Homestead Act remained in place until 1976, when it was replaced by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. Homesteading Boom and Bust in Baca County As the land east of the Mississippi River became more and more crowded, the vast and open western frontier was promoted as a land of opportunity. By 1870, southeastern Colorado was ...