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An organism's ability to maintain homeostasis is important to it's survival. Explain why an organism that lives on land has more complex mechanisms to maintain a stable internal environment than organims that live in water. asked by Jaci on September 21, 2010; biology. Organisms must be able to adapt to a changing external and internal environment.


Homeostasis is the ability of the body to A) prevent the external environment from changing. B) prevent the internal environment from changing. C) quickly restore changed conditions to normal. D) ignore external stimuli to remain in a state of rest. E) prevent excessive blood loss.


any kind of a living thing. cell. the basic unit of structure and function in a living thing. unicellular. made up of a single cell. multicellular. made up of many cells. asexual reproduction. a reproductive process that involves only parent and produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent.


A fundamental application of cell specialization is seen with fetal development and gender. Believe it or not, all embryos at 5 weeks of age are females. That’s right boys, until the sex-determining region of Y (also known as the SrY gene) is activated – both females and males are exactly alike.


Summary: Answers to the questions posed above will have important implications for understanding the mechanisms involved in effective plant propagation, seedling and root growth and the control of both plant growth and form throughout the life cycle. An understanding of these processes will lead to more uniform plant production methods, higher yields and methods to regulate plant responses to ...


An organism's ability to maintain stable internal conditions is called _____.? 2 following . 8 answers 8 ... s ability to maintain stable internal conditions is called _____.? ... Comment. Add a comment. Submit · just now. Homeostasis. it is the process of an organism maintaining their internal stability or equilibrium. Rusty People Are Cooler ...


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People used to believe that Newton was 100% correct in his laws of motion, some think that Einstein's theories are now more correct. Nevertheless, it may turn out in the future that Einstein's theories my need some subtle correction.


Adolescents living in major cities self-reported 11-29 min less moderate to vigorous physical activity each day than their counterparts living in geographically more remote areas, and took 150-850 fewer steps each day. While there were no differences in time spent in sport or active transport, differences in free play participation were ...


Except that it would appear that in the case of bacteria, it&#39;s also selection-mutation. <br />And if it&#39;s agreed that bacteria and other life forms have survived by learning from experience, no matter how rudimentary the retention apparatus, then they have made choices by selecting the relevant data to retain out of whatever they have experienced.