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Homemade silly putty is both a great kids activity and a science project! After playing with silly putty at engineering camp this week my kids wanted to play with it at home too. We decided to make some homemade silly putty using items we already had at home. It was a great way to extend their ...


Silly putty is a gooey, stretchy, bouncy substance that’s fun for all ages. It was accidentally invented during World War II, when a chemist was trying to create a synthetic substitute for rubber, and it’s been delighting kids and adults ever since! If you want to play with silly putty but you don’t have any on hand, don’t worry, because it’s easy to make at home!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make Silly Putty?If you’re you looking for a fun arts and crafts idea to do with the kids, you’ll love this easy recipe on how to make your own homemade silly putty!. It’s been a busy summer, but we’ve still been making time for a few fun craft and kitchen projects.


The Basics of Making Homemade Silly Putty. Different recipes will yield different types of results, so you might want to experiment to find the type of putty you most enjoy playing with. Simply making a few batches is a fun activity for the kids and can be educational as well.


How to Make Homemade Silly Putty with Glue and Liquid Starch This stuff stretches and oozes. If you give it a sharp pull, it will break. But if you hold it up, it oozes down. It’s thicker than slime and perfect for making prints with objects. We had fun mixing up several different colors of silly...Read More »


Homemade Silly Putty (or Flarp) March 26, 2012 by Erin. Silly Putty. ... It’s a great place to do crafts and then the kids play until they are red in the face and exhausted. (I work in a school so it’s empty on the weekend.) Homemade Silly Putty. Source: Filth Wizardry.


Homemade silly putty is so much fun! You can make it with your kids and watch how much fun they have with it! It's even relatively mess free. Homemade silly putty is so much fun! You can make it with your kids and watch how much fun they have with it! It's even relatively mess free.


Homemade Silly Putty. First, put equal parts Elmer’s school glue and Sta-Flo liquid starch into a container. I originally did two parts glue to one part liquid starch, but after experimenting, equal parts of each makes a much better end product. And yes, the brands of glue and liquid starch are important.


My kids share a similar obsession with silly putty and slime so it’s only natural that we make our own DIY silly putty. I’ve stumbled across dozens of silly putty and slime recipes and we’ve been slowly making them all. You can find quite a few varieties here at Living Well Mom too.


I have wanted to make silly putty with my kids for a while now. My mother always had silly putty on-hand when we were kids. All three of my brothers had tubes in their ears and back in the 80’s you were advised to put silly putty in the ears of kids with tubes when they would bathe.