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Many of the paint strippers available in the stores contain potent ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Making your own clean and green paint remover involves a few inexpensive ingredients, such as washing soda and quicklime, to help you strip walls, deck or ...


The quickest removal of paint from metal involves using a stripper that contains methylene chloride. Environmentally friendly removers do not contain this chemical and take longer to remove the paint. For small metal items that are waterproof, boiling the metal in a sol...


You can make homemade paint using a variety of recipes depending on the type of paint you want to use. One of the most popular is milk paint because it can be used on several surfaces. All you need to make milk paint is condensed milk and food coloring.


Safer Paint and Varnish Gel by Citristrip can remove paint from metal, as well as wood and masonry. It has an enjoyable citrus scent and users can apply it safely to surfaces indoors. Other products that remove paint include Next and a paint and epoxy remover by Jasco.


Make your own face paint to avoid exposing your skin to chemicals and allergens found in commercial products. A simple non-toxic recipe requires solid white shortening, cornstarch, white flour, glycerin and food coloring or fruit juice; you also need a paintbrush, tissu...


A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn dish soap is an effective homemade stain remover. Vinegar can be used to remove various stains including mildew, ink, grass and juice.


Paint can be removed in several ways including using chemical strippers, liquid paint removers, brushable paint removers, spray paint removers, aerosol paint removers and by sanding and treating the paint with heat before scraping it off. Chemical paint removers make ...