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For that reason, in this article, I have gathered some of those homemade mosquito yard spray recipes which have been proven to be efficient and seem to actually keep mosquitoes away. Mouthwash and Beer Mosquito Repellent. This insect repellent is an interesting combination of ingredients.


Paul Harvey diy recipe: Homemade mosquito yard spray. This recipe of Paul Harvey has been used for about 20 years by the most homeowners in the USA. It really works. Homemade mosquito yard spray is intended for outdoor application and keeps mosquitoes away for about 2-3 months.


Recycle the beer too, by using it in these homemade insect repellent recipes to keep insects out of your yard and off of your skin. Recipe #1 - For the Yard. Clean out a hose sprayer that you would use for spreading weed killer or fertilizer. Combine in the container equal parts stale beer, epsom (or sea) salt, and Listerine (or other mouthwash).


It can also be mixed with other basic household ingredients to create an insect repellent that will safely keep the bugs from destroying your lawn and garden. Beer has even been known to draw in slugs, who drink their fill and then die off, leaving your garden slime free. You do not have to spend a lot of money on beer to make this work.


Or you can make your own repellant with ingredients you probably already have at home. Mix 1/3 each of Epsom salt, mouthwash, and beer, and put it in a spray bottle. Another option is to puree ...


Since the scent of lavender masks our scent and since mosquitoes do not like the scent of lavender, and since mosquitos and black flies have the same desires and needs, I believe the organic mosquito yard spray would have the same effect on black flies. I believe it is worth the possible result to try it.


How to Repel Insects With Beer. Insects can be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor pests like gnats, flies, and mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise pleasant patio experience, and indoor pests like cockroaches can spread harmful...


MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY Big bottle Blue cheap mouthwash 3 cups of Epsom salt, 3 stale 12 oz cheap beer mix those three ingredients together until salt is dissolved... Spray anywhere you sit outside , around pools , will not harm plants or flowers... Mosquitoes gone from that area for apprx. 80 days.. I spray my deck all around my sitting areas twice a summer..


Some obvious questions: Why stale beer? As the website doityourself correctly notes, alcohol is known to be an insect repellent, but by the time the bubbles have evaporated, the alcohol might be gone too (see note 2 below again.) They also mention that using "recycled beer" works just fine. They can't mean what I'm thinking, right?