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And along with the new cut I thought about color, especially with all the gray hair I have! I wrote an article a few weeks ago on natural fabric dyes and it got me thinking about natural herbal hair dyes. Many herbs and natural substances to make natural dyes. One of the best known is henna, but there are many others. Natural Herbal Homemade ...


Here Are Some Best Homemade Hair Dye Recipes For Grey Hair: 1. Henna. How can we forget Henna when we talking about hair color or hair dye. It is being used since ages by people to color and condition their hair. Some people refrain to use it as it can dry out your hair . But that can be avoid by adding some yogurt in the mixture.


To make your homemade hair dye, first you need to grind all the ingredients except the sugarcane juice. Sterilize a glass jar . Mix the ground powder in sugar cane juice. Place the lid and leave for one month. After one month the dye is ready to color and cover your grey hair. Apply this paste at night on the hair and wash off in the morning.


Since I posted my recipes for homemade shampoo and DIY dry shampoo I’ve gotten several comments and emails asking about natural hair color recipes. I’ve experimented with natural hair lightening in the past, but hadn’t tried dark or red shades. Many wasted herbs and a bunch of randomly colored streaks on the underside of my hair later, I figured out some good dark and red options as well!


Walnut Husk and Water imply boil the husks in water for about 15 minutes. After boiling, strain the mixture and use the liquid to color your hair.This homemade hair dye is good for making brown hair darker. (Use Gloves, will stain) Walnut Husk, Water and Spices: To prepare the dark juice, first crush the hulls in a mortar, cover them with boiling water and a pinch of salt, and let them “soak ...


Another homemade hair dye can be created using walnut husks and water. To make this dye, simply boil the husks in water for about 15 minutes. After boiling, strain the mixture and use the liquid to color your hair. This is good for making brown hair darker. There are tons of other recipes for dye on the Internet.


The writing collected a list of homemade hair dye recipes from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this post to learn these homemade hair dye recipes in more detail! 17 Homemade Hair Dye Recipes That Amaze You 1.


Color Your Hair the Natural Way With These 4 DIY Recipes ... homemade DIY natural hair dye recipes that will help you keep healthy and won’t cost you a fortune. You will need to realize that ...


Gray hair is not actually white or grey but is due to a lack of pigmentation and melanin. Cells that are located in the base of the hair’s follicles slow, and eventually stop producing pigment. This causes the hair to lose color and appear gray or white because of the way light is reflected.


Homemade hair dye is a simple, affordable natural solution that avoids the potential problems you can get from hair dye allergies and reactions to chemicals in hair dye. These homemade hair dye recipes can help you to cover gray hair and bring out the natural highlights in your hair without harming it or causing allergic reactions.