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For all cornmeal mush, here's a simple ratio to remember: 1-1-2, meaning: 1c cold water, 1c corn meal, 2c boiling water. ... 4 11/6/2008. On key is to mix 1 cup of the water in this recipe with the corn meal and mix together before you add it to the boiling water.(remaining amount water) This eliminates the lumps you get by pouri...


Slice cornmeal mush into 1 inch wide slices. Cook in melted butter until golden brown on both sides. You might also like. Breaded, Fried, Softly Spiced Tofu. Easy, delicious, breaded tofu that's perfect as a main course! Get the magazine. Get a full year for $5! Cook 5-star weekday dinners every time. ...


i haven't tried this recipe yet but my mom made it when i was a kid . cornmeal mush was always my breakfast and oatmeal was my sisters. my husband is not a fan of cornmeal anything so i haven't made much with it over the years but to me it sounds good. i found a recipe for a polenta lasagna and thought it sounded good so got to looking for a ...


Cornmeal mush is a Southern favorite—a combination of cornmeal and water or milk, cooked on the stove until it is a creamy consistency. It is like grits' distant cousin, but whereas grits are not to be eaten with a sweetener added (according to true Southerners), cornmeal mush seems to be crying out for a swirl of maple syrup, making it a comforting porridge.


How to Make Corn Meal Mush. Thrifty and tummy filling, Cornmeal Mush makes a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The following steps show how to make Polenta, which is a close cousin to Cornmeal Mush. Both dishes follow the same technique...


Corn Mush Ingredients. Cornmeal mush has basic ingredients that you most likely have in your pantry. It starts with boiling water, then you add cornmeal, milk, and a bit of salt. That’s it! 4 ingredients and you’re on your way to a warm cereal. How to Make Cornmeal Mush. To make mush, simply start 3 cups of water boiling.


Fried Mush Recipe. Fried cornmeal mush is a classic breakfast for Midwesterners. My husband and I both grew up in Ohio. He grew up in the Southwest part of the state and I grew up in the Northeast part. Over the past few years I’ve learned that just because we both grew up in Ohio, that doesn’t mean we had the same food traditions.


This old-fashioned recipe for Fried Cornmeal Mush is one that won't ever go out of style. Most Midwesterners will tell you it's one of their go-to breakfast staples, while some folks will say it makes a tasty side dish! However you eat it, there's no


This is delicious served with syrup or ketchup - your preference, and served alongside eggs. We also like to eat it here in Lancaster County with milk - or just browned butter - right after it's cooked. (before putting it in the loaf pan) Otherwise, pour it into the loaf pan & let it cool, then keep it in the refrigerator until cooled completely & it can easily be sliced.


Cornmeal Mush is one of those great frugal breakfast traditions that’s slowly being lost. It’s very similar to grits, though the cornmeal I buy tends to be ground a little finer. You end up with a hot breakfast cereal that’s a little smoother than your regular bowl of grits. This is very hearty for breakfast, […]