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The coils on an air conditioner are very delicate, and damaging them can cost plenty to repair. The first "cleaner" that should be tried is water from a garden hose. Direct the spray at the coils and rinse them thoroughly. Use a brush with soft bristles to work out any clogged debris.


However, if you use a coil cleaner that requires a water rinse anyway, then why *couldn't* you use SG, or any other non-reactive cleaner/degreaser for that matter if you just do a rinse after? Just curious- I stick to the spray 'foaming no rinse' stuff for light work and that green "coil-kleen" i think it's called for larger dirtier jobs.


Cleaning an air-conditioning coil in a home heater prevents wasted electricity by increasing air flow across the coil's fins. Cleaning the air-conditioning coil---one of the few repairs to the air-conditioning system a homeowner can legally complete---allows a blower motor to work at peak performance. The increased air flow


Homemade Air Conditioning Coil Cleaner eHow www.ehow.com Home Appliances Air Conditioners. A Household Solution and Remedy for Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils; ... AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning. Air conditioner evaporator coils build up dirt, ...


Coil Cleaner Homemade. How To : Make a natural, homemade shower cleaner. ... In this tutorial, SuChin Pak and Daniel Sieberg demonstrate how to make a homemade air conditioning system with a fan, coil and ice water. Save the environm...more. How To : Make a homemade green cleaning solution.


Suited for use with almost any coils, the AC-Safe 19 oz. Air Conditioning Coil Foaming Cleaner is a heavy-duty detergent easily removes dirt, grease and oil. With a special 360° valve. It can be sprayed in any position. Heavy-duty detergent easily removes dirt, grease and oil from air conditioner coils


DIY AC Condenser Coil Cleaning. In this article, we walk through a DIY Cleaning of the A/C Condensing Unit Coil outside. It will only take 15-30 minutes for a thorough cleaning, a clean AC unit saves energy and might just add an extra year or two onto the life of your complete home cooling system! Tools Needed for AC Coil Cleaning


Home made coil cleaning solution for window air conditioners? ... JuliaAnn Well-Known Member. Messages: 5,522. Joined: Dec 6, 2004. Does anyone know what I can use to clean the coils inside our window air conditioners? I used a waterhose and spray attachment to get some of the gunk off the coils from the outside/back of the units, but I can ...


Cleaning your air conditioner's condenser coils regularly will let it run cooler with less energy and make you feel more comfortable. The best time to clean your air conditioner is in the spring, just before you need to start using it for the first time in the year.