The BI HomeGuard 200 is a radio frequency, electronic, tamper-resistant monitoring device. The device is used by correctional agencies to monitor the presence of an individual at any given time. More »

A house arrest ankle monitoring device uses both GPS tracking technology and radio frequency monitoring to ensure that a criminal defendant is where he is supposed to be at any given time, usually at home, work, medical ... More » Government & Politics Crime

Two common types of store security tags are RFID tags, which use a radio frequency, and ink tags, which burst and spray ink if a special tool is not used to remove them. These tags must be deactivated or removed by store... More »

American Health & Beauty reports that the Exilis is a device that produces radio frequency energy that is used to tighten skin and reduce fat deposits under the skin, a treatment sometimes called "body contouring." Exili... More » Health

A radio frequency modulator is a device that allows consumers to connect external devices to radios and televisions, adding an audio or video signal to a carrier wave, transmitting the audio, or displaying the picture in... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Though Apple has enabled the 'Find My iPhone' app for finding one's phone after it's been stolen, there are some measures one can take to avoid needing to deploy this feature in the first place, including avoiding openly... More » Government & Politics Crime

The continuous glucose monitoring device is a diabetes meter that does not require any blood, according to Dexcom. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the device, which produces hundreds of glucose reading... More » Health Conditions & Diseases