Some home remedies for getting rid of fleas include making flea traps with dish washing liquid, using an herbal flea spray, and sprinkling diatomaceous earth in problem areas. Each of these remedies can be made using com... More »

To get rid of fleas with an easy home remedy, sprinkle boric acid on upholstery and carpets. Using a soft brush, work the powder into the surfaces. After a day or two, vacuum all the surfaces, then continue to vacuum reg... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Fleas & Bedbugs

To get rid of fleas in the home treat all cats and dogs, vacuum, wash linens, vacuum again, and consider getting professional help. Necessary supplies include a pet flea treatment product, a vacuum cleaner, a washing mac... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Fleas & Bedbugs

Natural remedies for flea infestations in the home include cleaning and vacuuming thoroughly and regularly, washing pet bedding, using essential oils and preventing the infestation of fleas on your animals. Stopping a se... More »

To control fleas, vacuum the infested areas, wash pet bedding, bathe pets in flea shampoo and spray the affected areas of the home with an indoor insecticide. It is necessary to remove fleas from both the pet and the hom... More »

Homemade remedies for getting rid of ladybugs include making a camphor and menthol spray, filling a bowl with soapy water and sprinkling clove oil over infested areas. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of menthol and ca... More »

Some home remedies for killing fleas include using diatomaceous earth, using a baking soda and salt combination, combing infected pets with a flea comb and applying flea nematodes to the yard. Individuals may also use es... More »