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Exercise is one of the few recommended home remedies for poor leg circulation, which is also known as peripheral artery disease, according to Cleveland Clinic. Most patients use a walking program to get their exercise.


Symptoms of poor circulation in the legs include numbness and burning, achy leg muscles, poorly healing sores and shiny skin and loss of hair on the legs, according to WebMD. Legs that feel cooler than arms and a light pulse in the feet are also peripheral artery diseas...


Some home remedies for leg pain include getting plenty of rest, elevating the affected leg, application of ice packs and gentle stretches. Leg pain can affect any area of the leg including the shin, knee or ankle, notes Healthline.


Poorcirculation.org notes that medication can be used to treat poor circulation; however, there are many side effects. Quality Health lists a few effective ways to improve circulation, such as exercise, massage, compression stockings and herbs.


Leg cramps can be managed through home remedies, such as stretching the leg, massaging the muscle, icing and taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as stated by MedlinePlus. Medication is necessary, especially for those leg cramps that are recurrent to help in rel...


Some of the best treatments for diabetic nerve pain associated with poor leg circulation include walking, controlling blood sugar levels, using warm water treatment and taking pain relievers, advises WebMD. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is the term used to describe ner...


Exercise; smoking cessation; controlling blood pressure and cholesterol; and eating a healthy diet are ways to improve circulation in the legs, according to WebMD. Controlling blood sugar is also important, adds MedlinePlus. Medications and surgery are other options.