Home cures for muscle spasms include taking a hot shower, placing a cold compress on the affected area, and drinking plenty of fluids, according to Native Remedies. Consuming more potassium, magnesium and calcium may als... More »

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Although they offer no guarantee of a permanent cure, home remedies can offer some relief for back spasms and pain. Some of these remedies include capsaicin cream, vitamin D, certain herbs and magnesium supplements, acco... More »

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Avoiding stress, exercising in extreme heat or cold and dehydration are possible preventative measures to avoid a muscle spasm, sometimes referred to as a charley horse, according to WebMD. Muscle spasms can also occur d... More »

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Symptoms of an oblique muscle strain include immediate pain in the afflicted area, muscle spasms, swelling and bruising. Abdominal muscle strains are graded according to severity, reports Dr. Jonathan Cluett for About.co... More »

To remove mucus from the back of the throat, try coughing to clear it, advises Native Remedies. This helps to break up and loosen the phlegm to bring it to the surface. Juice and tea with honey also help to thin out the ... More »

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Home remedies for bronchitis are resting, keeping warm, drinking plenty of fluids and using a vaporizer, according to WebMD. Individuals with chronic bronchitis should avoid exposure to dust, paint or exhaust fumes and p... More »

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Home remedies for bronchitis include humidifying the environment, breathing in warm vapors, drinking plenty of fluids, gargling with saltwater, getting rest and taking aspirin or ibuprofen, according to HowStuffWorks. Th... More »