An effective home remedy for killing cockroaches consists of a combination of Borax and sugar applied along baseboards, under cabinets, in cracks, under the sink and anywhere cockroaches live. Cockroaches die as a result... More »

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Kill German cockroaches in a car by using a combination of good cleaning habits, roach traps and poison roach bait. Avoid the use of aerosol roach bombs in a vehicle, due to the residual harmful chemicals that become tra... More »

A good home remedy for killing roaches is a mixture of three parts borax and one part sugar. After thoroughly combining the substances, sprinkle the mixture wherever you have seen roaches, such as along baseboards, in cr... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Home remedies to get rid of cockroaches include spreading baking soda, borax or diatomaceous earth in the affected areas of the home. Experts recommend mixing Borax and baking soda with sugar or other ingredients, such a... More »

Even if a home is kept clean and sanitary, it is possible to pick up cockroaches outside of the home, such as at a store or at work, since the insects can travel in bags, briefcases, packages or potted plants. Roaches ca... More »