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One home remedy for a teething baby is to bundle ice in a dishtowel and have the baby suck on the towel, says HowStuffWorks. The baby should not suck directly on the ice because that can harm the gums.


Some causes of sensitive teeth include a recent filling, tooth decay, broken tooth, worn out enamel, cavities, brushing the teeth too hard, eating acidic foods and poor oral health, says Simplestepsdental. Certain dental procedures, such as bleaching, can lead to sensit...


Some of the most common home remedies for tooth whitening include lemon juice, strawberries, apples and baking soda, according to dental care expert Lora Dodge for About.com. Wood ash and sea salt also work as tooth-whitening agents.


Home remedies for teeth whitening include oil pulling, eating crunchy fruits and vegetables, and brushing on a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, reports Natural Society. These techniques are effective and do not require extensive dental knowledge.


Online dental plan provider :DentalPlans recommends treating loose teeth with deep cleaning, splinting, bite guards, bite adjustment, and even periodontal surgery. A loose permanent tooth is an emergency that should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.


Plaque can be removed with baking soda, salt and orange peel oil. Coconut oil is also used to remove plaque and, when used regularly, to prevent tartar buildup.


Some women experience sensitive teeth, swollen and sore gums or bleeding gums during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy can make gums more sensitive and vulnerable to recession, states WebMD.